I kind of hate that I was right about this.


A meander on the Colorado River. 


Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park

Pentax 645, 45mm, Portra 160

I’m so frustrated right now.

"I hope they taste my name in your mouth."

Because I Know It’s Always There (#384: April 12, 2014)

Once I bought one of the VSCO film packs then never used it because I can’t decide if I like them. Or maybe I need to learn how to use them to their full potential, I don’t know.

I didn’t realize I cared so much.

The idea of you moving really far away makes me really sad. It makes me feel kinda selfish too. But mostly sad.

Well fuck you too.

Stop saying all the things I need to hear. I need to hear them from someone else. Or at least someone who is single.

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You look pathetic still talking shit. Float on.


Something I hate expressing but is very true right now: I’m lonely.

I will never give up pizza to have a perfect body. I love pizza.

When you’re too vague in a text and the person thinks you were talking about them. Awkward. I mean I always wanted to talk about what happened but I wasn’t actually meaning too. Oops. I should have not been vague haha.