Typewriter Series #848 by Tyler Knott Gregson

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Losing a best friend that I’m still friends with. Never seeing my best friend. Always caring about the wrong people. Constantly being told to do something out of my character. Feeling left out.

A few of the reasons I emotionally feel like shit today.

Anxiety attacks make me dramatic so I try to keep my distance from people. Even though all I want is to talk to someone to feel better.

"Wasted are the days
where the skin beneath our clothes
doesn’t get to touch."

This weekend I had a lot of fun. One of the most fun weekends in awhile. However it reminded me how much I dislike partying and going to clubs. It’s exhausting and my body feels gross after. I do enjoy drinking, just not “partying type drinking.” And I love to get dressed up. I would just rather get dressed up and drink with a good amount of friends where I can hear them without yelling into their ear.

On another note, yoga helped me straighten out the negative mind I woke up with today.

"Other people are not medicine."

I feel stupid and foolish. I need to just let it go.

I took no pictures of this outfit. I love this skirt so much.

Oh, I drunk texted. 😶

The way I look at you makes me nervous to look you in the eyes again.

"Tear down all the walls
and burn down all the fences
keeping me from you."

I’m so disappointed in the lack of photos I’ve taken so far this summer.